Fangtian Group Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
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The company has introduced advanced piston making technologies and equipments from a famous German company and has imported 32 sets of key piston-making machines and inspection instruments from Germany, America, Swiss etc..

We can design, manufacture and inspect various kinds of pistons for internal combustion engines according to the requirements of customers.These pistons have new technologies and new structures: wear resistance new structures: wear resistance made of austenite cast iron in the head, with expansion controlling steel flake inserted in the skirt, with oil cooling gallery in the top, bar rel-shaped and with variational ellipticity along the axis at the shirt, graphite sprayed and coated at the skirt, anodizing to harden the top etc..

Our Steyr and Cummins B series pistons have been recognized as the Famous Brand Products of Chinese Mechanism Industry by the state.


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