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Clutch Cover
clutch cover

The clutch cover is screwed to the engine flywheel. It transfers the engine torque to the clutch disc on the transmission input shaft.
The clutch cover is composed of the clutch housing and the diaphragm spring which presses the axially displaceable pressure plate ( against the clutch disc and flywheel when the clutch is engaged.
Technically, the diaphragm spring is a disc spring with integrated control levers (the diaphragm spring tongues). It is mounted in such a way in the housing that it can be tilted by means of two wire rings or one wire ring around a flanged edge . Diaphragm spring, wire ring(s) and housing are connected to spacer bolts by rivets.
The pressure plate is secured and adjusted concentrically on the housing by leaf springs . Half of the engine torque is transferred by the pressure plate and leaf springs, the other half is transmitted directly from the flywheel to the clutch disc.
Two forces act on the clutch cover: the clamp load which causes the pressure plate to press against the clutch disc, and the release force which lifts the pressure plate away from the clutch disc by means of the diaphragm spring tongues.


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